$150 SALSA & BACHATA BEGINNERJan 8 - Feb 26 (8 weeks) Mondays 6 pm to 8 pm


$99 SALSA BEGINNER Jan 8 - Feb 26 (8 weeks). Mondays at 7 pm​

$99 BACHATA BEGINNER  Jan 8 - Feb 26 (8 weeks). Mondays at 6 pm 

Salsa Class Information

  • Dress comfortably in shoes you can turn in.  Sneakers are not ideal.
  • Class duration is either one hour (Mondays) or two hours (Tuesdays).
  • Placement into classes are determined by your skill level

Salsa Beginner

These classes are progressive and they are intended to give you the confidence to build your first steps as a salsa dancer.

You will learn music and salsa timing.  This will help you to dance in connection with your partner and to enjoy more of the music while you learn something new at every class.  We will cover all the basic steps, side steps and turns to set your foundation for dancing salsa.

Salsa Advanced Beginner and Intermediate

You will start to learn more complex variations while strengthening your fundamentals, leading and following techniques with timing.  During each class a new variation will be taught by your instructor.  As you progress and get better and better.. with time you can show off your skill on the dance floor!

Salsa Privates and Semi Private Lessons

Private and Semi Private Lessons are tailored to specifically for the needs of students and go beyond the material covered in group classes.  Private and Semi Private Lessons are taught by our expert instructors in a one on one personalized setting.  

Practice Parties

All students and friends are welcome.  Practice your moves you learn in class.  Must be pre registered 

$80 SALSA KIDS (5 to 12 years) Jan 9 - Feb 27 (8 weeks) Tuesdays 5:30 pm

$120 SALSA INTERMEDIATE Jan 9 - Feb 27 (8 weeks). Tuesdays 6:30 to 8 pm