​​Quinceañera Celebration

For the family, it is a time to show off a beloved daughter to family and friends. It is a time to give thanks to God for that precious life. It is an opportunity for la familia to get together. And, just as important, it is a time to create a magnificent feast and a blast of a party. From the quinceañera's point-of-view, it is a time to get her best friends together for an unforgettably good time. It is an opportunity to dress up in a beautiful gown and be the center of attention for a day. It is a time to share with mom and dad, favored aunts and madrinas, special moments in the planning and organizing of this very extraordinary day. It is a time that she will remember forever. Dances for Quinceañera Celebrations include Group Waltz, Father/Daughter Dance and the Group Dance with Friends.  Starting your lessons early will ensure enough time to rehearse your dances for your Celebration.