​​Competitive Dance

  • What is Dancesport or Competitive Ballroom?

Dancesport refers to competitive ballroom dancing at events that are sanctioned and regulated by dancesport organizations.  Dancesport is popular in several countries, and competitive ballroom dance is featured in television programs such as Dancing with the Stars and Strickly Come Dancing.

  • What is Pro-Am?

Pro-am is a category in dancesport competitions in which one person in the partnership is the teacher and the other is the student.

  • Why should I compete?

Competing is a great way to set concrete goals, to motivate you to improve quickly, and to apply your knowledge. Competitions are a unique creative outlet that allows you to compete and simultaneously perform and express your individuality.  Challenge yourself. Have fun! the costumes.. the make up.. the music.  There is nothing more exciting and passionate than the glitz and glamour of competitive ballroom dancing!

  • When can I start competing?

As soon as you want!  the first proficiency level is Newcomer, and many people start competing as early as one month after they start learning.  Please talk to your instructor to discuss your competition goals so they can tailer your lesson schedule and make sure you achieve your goals.​