Ballroom Dance Classes for Children

Come join us for another session of our Beginner Ballroom Classes for Kids!  Kids can enjoy this basic class which teach them basic steps of Ballroom and Latin Dances, as well as balance, flexibility, coordination and fun.  No partner is necessary! We offer group, private and competition classes for kids of various ages and skills.  Please call studio at 908-233-7088 to get your child registered!

Physical Benefits:  Students build muscle and strength while increasing flexibility.  Young dancers develop a sense of balance and improve coordinaton.  Importantly, children also develop body awareness and correct posture.  These benefits extend beyond a students involvement with dance, helping in other areas of life such as martial arts or focus in studies.  Dance also helps with stress relief and gives your child a great and fun way to stay active and healthy.

Developmental Benefits:  Dance classes are fun and a great way to meet new friends. Your dancers develop essential social skills through interaction with other students.

Dance fosters teamwork, communication and trust.  Dancers naturally display confidence, self esteem and poise.  All great life skills for the children to develop!

Artistic and Creative Benefits for Child: (fun) One of the greatest benefits of dance is all the fun you have in class!  Dance is creative.. Dance will spark imagination.  Not to mention get those little bodies and minds active and moving!